Sheet optimization for woodworking shops

ארדיס פרו

  • Optimization of sheets

  • Intuitive cutting patterns adapted to your cutting process

  • All your production documents at the press of a button: labels, cutting plans, parts lists, etc.

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1  Create or import your data list:

  • Seamless import from CAD/CAM

  • Copy-paste from Excel

  • Super fast manual data entry

  • Easily adaptable

Prepare your work with ARDIS® OPTIMIZER

ARDIS Optimizer.jpg

Add info, such as:

  • Cabinet and customer references

  • Edge banding information

  • Grain direction

  • Figures with continuous grain

Set your production parameters:

  • Saw blade thickness

  • Fixed first cutting direction: rip/cross

  • Sheet trims

  • Flexible part sizes

  • Cutting plan complexity

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Optimize and let our algorithm calculate for you:

  • Used by over 8000 companies including the major players in industry

  • Developed in collaboration with the University of Leuven*

  • Continuously improved over 30 years

4  Create your production data at the push of a button:

  • Print labels*

  • Print cutting plans*

  • Send to the machine*

  • Receive an overview of sheets and edge bands used

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ארדיס פרופ- ardis professional5.JPG

5 View your productivity with ARDIS® ANALYTICS:

Gain insights into your past optimization and production data and store a backup in the cloud.

  • How many parts did you produce per month/week/day?*

  •  How many sheets/offcuts did you use?